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Millicent’s Story: DCM & Genetic Testing

Meet Millicent! This is her story in her own words – as initially published on our Facebook page:
“On November 5th, 2021, I received news that I had tested positive for a LMNA gene mutation that causes DCM and dangerous arrhythmias. I agreed to testing given my family history of my father’s sudden cardiac arrest when he was in his early 50s and another relative testing positive for the gene.
I’ve learned so much since my positive test but the biggest takeaway is that there are known genetic variants for many heart conditions and other illnesses such as cancer that can easily be tested for. I believe this testing saved my life and will prevent my life from ending the way my father’s did.
I received an ICD last month which will prevent my heart from going into dangerous arrhythmias and give me a life-saving shock in the event that I should ever need it in the future. I’m grateful for the advancements in science, genetics, and medicine and have great hope for the future.”
Genetic testing is a critical tool. Millicent received hers from our partner Invitae. If you’ve been diagnosed with DCM or any cardiomyopathy, please consider getting genetically tested.
Special thanks to Millicent for sharing her story with others in the cardiomyopathy community.

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