DCM Research & Clinical Trials

To learn more about DCM research studies and clinical trials, please review the information below. For genetic testing information, please click here, or to review genetic screening recommendations, please click here.



Bristol Myers Squibb is currently recruiting participants for a clinical study in DCM patients due to genetic mutations or unknown causes.

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The University of Miami is currently recruiting participants for a clinical study to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of stem cells for those living with DCM. Click here to learn more about this study.



Additional research opportunities may be found at clinicaltrials.gov. If you know of other studies that the DCM Foundation may want to support, please contact us.

*Part of the DCM Foundation’s mission is to share information about the latest clinical trials and research opportunities in the DCM field. The DCM Foundation does not imply or warrant the effectiveness or outcome of these or any clinical research trial. The DCM Foundation has not evaluated the shared information in any way. Participation in clinical trials is at the sole discretion of the potential participant. Potential participants should always know the risks and potential benefits of clinical trials and should talk to their healthcare provider before participating.