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Cardiomyopathy Study Participants Needed for 5 Minute Survey

Are you affected by cardiomyopathy?


Please CLICK HERE to access a 5-10 minute survey. Learn more below.

CureHeart is developing genetic therapies to treat inherited cardiomyopathy.


The CureHeart project brings together researchers across the UK, US and Asia, and commercial as well as patient advocacy partners, to develop effective genetic therapies for cardiomyopathies.

The CureHeart Patient Perspectives study is a vital part of this project and aims to understand how cardiomyopathy impacts peoples’ lives, and what people think about current and future treatments. [Ethics Reference: R89137/RE001]

Do you have cardiomyopathy (or a relative with cardiomyopathy)?

Are you age 16 or older?

If yes, please CLICK HERE or scan the QR code below to complete a short online questionnaire (5-10 minutes).

Thank you!


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