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A December 7 Update on COVID-19

Kathy Crispell, MD, Advanced Heart Failure/Transplant Specialist and DCM Foundation Board Member, has shared video updates for DCM patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. View the latest update from Dr. Crispell.

Please use the DCM Foundation Forums or comment in the space below to ask questions about living with DCM during these interesting times. We also continue to post information in this blog to support those with DCM during this pandemic.

2 thoughts on “A December 7 Update on COVID-19

  1. Hi Dr Crispell, yesterday was a day to celebrate. I received the COVID 19 vaccine! It was quick and painless.
    I have a known allergic response in the past (pesky yellowjackets), as a precaution I was asked to sit and wait for 30 minutes after the shot. All went well and I feel fine. As a nurse caring for people with Advanced Heart Failure it was important for me to protect myself and the vulnerable people I care for.
    I encourage everyone when the vaccine become available to go get it , it could save your life and that of others you may come in contact with.

  2. Congratulations Barbara for getting your first of two COVID19 vaccinations! Thank you for being a good role model to your patients and the general public. Thank you also for your service especially during the past year when you have risked your health to take care of others.

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