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GCAC Genetic Testing

Getting testing for cardiomyopathy is done by a simple saliva sample.

The following company makes the genetic testing process as simple and affordable as possible. Note: In most cases, insurance will cover the cost of genetic testing.


To start the genetic testing and counseling process,  simply click on the logo below:


As a reminder, below are the steps you can expect in the genetic testing and counseling process:

  • Order the test.
  • Work with your insurance companies to cover the cost of the test 
  • A simple saliva test will be sent to your home.
  • Spit into the tube provided and mail it back in the enclosed envelope as instructed.
  • Test results are mailed to you. (We advise you also share these results with your doctor.)
  • Upon receipt of your test results, we highly recommend that you schedule a post-test appointment with a genetic counselor to help you better understand the results.
  • Work with your insurance company to see if they cover the cost of genetic counseling.

To learn more about genetic cardiomyopathy testing, please visit: www.geneticcardiomyopathy.org

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