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♥ January 18th, 2023

NEW Patient Programs and Tips for Your DCM Journey

  • Expanded Patient Support programs
  • Improved DCM Foundation website – with easy access to key information
  • Tips for Living Well with DCM
  • Live Q&A

Date: Wed., January 18th, 2023

Time: 6:00 – 7:00 PM ET

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November ’22 Newsletter

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Past Webinars

12/2022 Insights & Hope When Living with a Heart Device (with guests Doug Rachac, Dr. Savona, and Julie Mease)

September 2022 DCM Patient and Family Conference recordings:

8/2022 What You Should Know About Cardiomyopathy & SILENT Sleep Apnea (with Zoll Respicardia)

7/2022 DCM Gene Therapy Advancement at Tenaya Therapeutics (with Tenaya)

6/2022 The Heart Transplant Journey – What You Should Know (with CareDx)

6/2022 The Heart Transplant Journey – PPT deck

4/2022 Causes of DCM & Stages of Heart Failure (with Dr. Kathy Crispell)

3/2022 DCM Foundation’s Strategic Pillars and What this Means to You (with Greg, Jae-ann, & Melissa)

2/2022 Ask a Heart Failure Specialist (with Dr. Kathy Crispell and Dr. Ray Hershberger)

1/2022 Living with DCM – A Patient’s Perspective (with guests Stephanie, Steve, and Sarah)

12/2021 DCM & Heart Transplant: 3 Patient Stories (with guests Kaitlyn, Adam, & Greg)

(No November webinar)

10/2021 The Science Behind DCM Therapies – and Tenaya’s Quest to Make it Affordable for All (with Tenaya)

9/2021 Living with a Pacemaker or ICD (with guest, Doug Rachac)

8/2021 The Latest in DCM Genetic Research & Therapies in Development

6/2021 Hope for MYH7 & TTN DCM Patients (mini-webinar with Bristol Myers Squibb)

5/2021 DCM & Women: One Incredible Story of Survival & Hope (with guest, Jen Rohe)

4/2021 Navigating Financial & Insurance Issues (with Mended Hearts)

2/2021 Ask a Cardiologist – with Dr. Ray Hershberger & Guests

2/2021 Ask a Cardiologist: Slide Deck

1/2021 – Living with a Pacemaker or ICD – Insights & Hope (with Doug Rachac)

1/2021 – Affairs of the Heart: Living Well with Cardiomyopathy (with Stanford Medicine)

12/2020 – Staying in Care (with MendedHearts)

10/2020 – Hope for DCM Therapies: Tenaya Therapeutics




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