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LMNA and DCM Research Survey

Do you have genetic DCM caused by the LMNA genetic variant?


The DCM Foundation is working with LMNACardiac.org to identify patients with a variant or mutation in the LMNA gene to advance cardiomyopathy research and promote disease understanding, leading to potentially novel therapies.

LMNA Cardiac is currently conducting a 1-question survey to identify the incidence of specific LMNA variants.

(Please use your genetic test result to select or enter your specific LMNA gene variant as requested in the survey.)

To access this survey, please CLICK HERE.

About LMNA Cardiac

LMNACardiac.org is an international, trusted nonprofit patient association with a focus on LMNA-related cardiac diseases. This organization provides information and networking opportunities to bridge researchers, experts, companies, and patients to speed up LMNA research and the development of potential therapies.

Survey Goals

The goals of this survey project include:

  • To gather data regarding the incidence of variants in the LMNA gene.
  • To notify patients about research studies available for particular genes as they become available. This includes the LMNA 331 gene variant for which there is currently a research study taking place.
To Access the Survey

Please click here to access the 1-question LMNA survey.

  • Please use your genetic test result to select or enter your specific LMNA gene variant as requested in the survey.
  • Please include your name and email address* if you would like to receive regular updates regarding specific LMNA research studies and therapies as they become available.
Privacy Statement

Your privacy is important to us. The information provided by survey participants is only available to researchers at LMNACardiac.org and will never be shared with any outside entity. LMNACardiac.org is GDPR compliant.

*Submitting your name and email address in this survey is optional.

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