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Empowering DCM Patients and Families – Your Donation Makes a Difference

The DCM Foundation is dedicated to supporting those living with Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) – a disease that weakens and enlarges the heart’s main pumping chamber. 

Financial contributions are vital to our mission. By supporting us, you help:

  • Empower patients and families with knowledge about DCM.
  • Connect them with essential support networks for guidance and community.
  • Advocate for better patient care and research to improve lives.

Knowing the struggles of DCM patients, we offer comprehensive support through these 3 pillars:

  1. Information and Education:
    • We are the go-to source for DCM information. Our website, https://dcmfoundation.org/, is the most comprehensive DCM resource available, with patient-friendly content, webinars, newsletters, and blogs.
    • Thousands of DCM patients and family members rely on our monthly newsletter. and our social media reaches over 130,000 individuals – patients, families, and medical professionals alike.
  1. Patient and Family Support:
    • Annual virtual DCM Patient and Family Conferences bring together patients, families, industry experts, and medical professionals.
    • Gene-Specific Facebook Groups: Online peer support groups for genetic cardiomyopathy patients provide community and the opportunity to support one another and share information about specific genetic mutations.
    • Our DCM-Specific Facebook Groups are dedicated to creating a supportive community for all DCM patients and their family members.
    • Healthy Together WellnessProgram: This online group wellness support program is specially designed for DCM patients and families.
  1. Understanding the Need for Genetic Testing:
    • We launched the Genetic Cardiomyopathy Awareness Consortium and a new website (https://geneticcardiomyopathy.org/) to increase awareness and education about the link between genetics and cardiomyopathy.
    • This campaign then went global, available in 10 languages, to educate both patients and healthcare professionals about genetic testing for cardiomyopathy.
    • We are working to help increase easy and affordable access to genetic testing for cardiomyopathy patients and family members.

We still have much work to do!

Your contribution to the DCM Foundation makes a real difference. Invest in the well-being of patients and families. With your help, we can equip them with knowledge, connect them with vital support networks, and push for advancements in patient care and research. Together, we can create a brighter future for those living with DCM.

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Join us today and give hope to DCM patients and families!

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